SHORT RIGA: DISCUSSIONS – Hot issues of the short film genre

Dalies ar draugiem

The format of the discussions reflects its purpose: to create a place and chance to discuss topics brought up in the hallways of film theatres during the film festival informally but concisely. It is also a chance for people to meet. We hope to introduce the guests of the festival with local professionals, institutions and urban environment of Riga. We have planned three discussions in different formats and places that are chosen in line with the particular theme.


Roundtable: Socially active film. Too much or not enough?

The more we know, the more concerned we become on the problems and injustice in the world. A large part of the society is able to and shares their worries with others. And short film as a format, being one of the zeitgeist manifestations, shows a high number of socially active films in festival line-ups. What is happening to the films with no specific issue to address?

Discussion: Silver screen after VR

Looking from the perspective of art history, every new media has an impact on its predecessor. Photography liberated painting and digital video pushed the film stock into a relative oblivion, now revived by analogue filmmakers/artists. By looking at history and actual practice of contemporary artists, we would like to speculate on the possible impact of VR on film as an art and entertainment form in future.

Invited guests:

Šelda Puķīte
Art critic and curator, Latvia

Leena Jääskeläinen
Artist, Finland

Zane Zelmene
New media artist, Latvia

Panel discussion: Premiere status of a short film

The biggest and most important festivals demand to have world and international premieres not only for feature films but also for short films. Why is it so important to be the first to screen a short film, how does it affect the short film’s cycle of festivals, filmmakers’ career, producers’ credits and last but not least other festival programmes?


Enrico Vannucci
Advisor and programme curator (Venice IFF, Torino Film Market), Italy

Torunn Nyen
Short film and artist film curator (NISFF Grimstad, Movies On War, RIGA IFF), Norway

Asja Krsmanović
Representative of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Per Fikse
Director of Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway

Wouter Jansen
Representative of Some Shorts – a film festival distribution agency, the Netherlands

Moderator: Anna Zača
Short film and animation expert (RIGA IFF), Latvia