Secret Society of Souptown and the Cucumber Mafia

Dalies ar draugiem

Production company: Nafta Films, Solar Films
Genre: Adventure, Family
Countries: Estonia
Estimated run time (min): 208
Directors: Helen Takkin, Oskar Lehemaa
Producers: Esko Rips, Diana Mikita
Stage of the project: Development
Estimated date of the project: 2020
Looking for: Co-production, Broadcasters, Funding
Target audience: 8 – 14


An 8-part TV-series sequel to the most successful Estonian family film The Secret Society of Souptown.

About the director: We were all very closely tied in with the birth of the film “Secret Society of Souptown”. It can be said that Oskar found those wonderful little actors out of over five thousand children, Helen as a fragile woman directed the masses of people when the more large-scale scenes were shot, and Margus directed the film. The souls of all of us were left with a warm, bright memory of that summer that took us back years in time together with these children, which unobtrusively blends in with shards of memory from our own childhoods. This time the roles are changing. Oskar and Helen will be directing and Margus will be active in the background. This fact leads us to the main theme of this future serial. Times and things change and although this can at times be difficult, it is always necessary for something.

About the production company

Since 2009, Nafta Films has been producing audiovisual content of all forms (film, TV productions, TV commercials). The first feature film produced by Nafta Films, the family adventure film ”Secret Society of Souptown”, rapidly ascended to become Estonia’s most watched family film of all time and subsequently was sold by Beta Film to eight countries and to Netflix U.S.A. Nafta Films has produced and participated in the production of several television serials “After School” produced for the Russian market in cooperation with Walt Disney Productions, and the science fiction serial IT-Planet in co-production with the Estonian National Broadcasting Corporation). On top of this, we have internationally co-produced two feature films and numerous short films.

Project representative

Esko Rips
Nafta Films