Current Trends in German Film

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The Goethe-Institut Riga is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its establishment with a number of new initiatives this year. One of them is introduction of the film programme BERLINALE 2018 RIGA at the Riga International Film Festival.
These are the films that were recently screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and exhibit the strength and diversity of the contemporary German cinema. Germany is one of the major film producers in Europe that influence the shaping of new trends in film art. Its film identity is undergoing considerable changes in line with all the region during this period of time.
New talents, new stars, gripping and skillfully crafted films for wide audiences, surprises provided by the authors, stunningly vigorous documentaries – the film selection presenting the highlights of Berlinale reflects the German society and culture life and serves as a unique opportunity to see these films on big screens in Riga.


Valeska Grisebach
Four Hands
Oliver Kienle
In The Aisles
Thomas Stuber
Hans Weingartner
Wolfgang Fischer
Christian Petzold

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