Four Hands

Die Vierhändige

Director: Oliver Kienle
DE 201794 min. 0 sec.

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After Sophie and Jessica witnessed a brutal crime when they were kids, Jessica promised her younger sister to always protect her. As they grow older, this promise becomes an obsession, and now Jessica suffers from paranoia. When the perpetrators are released from prison after 20 years, Jessica is shocked and wants to confront them. But an accident changes everything. In “Four Hands” German director and writer Oliver Kienle proves his talent with lively, harmonious characters and fast-paced storytelling. The film drives its plot dynamically and with ever new twists - but always keeps its narrative core in mind: the conflict between two young women and their wrestling with a fateful past.
DOP: Yoshi Heimrath
Original language: deSubtitles: enTranslation in headphones: lv