To Be Continued


Director: Ivars Seleckis
LV 201895 min. 0 sec.

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Kārlis' family is firmly rooted in the Latvian countryside.  Gleb's grandparents came to Latvia only in the Soviet period. Zane's family are first-generation urban-dwellers. Anastasija's family moved from the city to the countryside. Anete's mum lives and works in England. The film explores how these choices made by adults are reflected in a child's thinking. The film “To Be Continued” follows five children from different parts of Latvia who started school in 2015. Its director Ivars Seleckis is the oldest still actively working documentary filmmaker in Latvia. His works are noted for their sophisticated analysis of social processes and connect the modern day with the legendary past of the Latvian documentary tradition.
DOP: Valdis Celmiņš
Original language: lv, ruSubtitles: en