RIGA IFF Introduces a New Film Programme – ARCHITECT’S CUT

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The interest of audiences, directors and film producers in films dedicated to architecture and architects has considerably grown in recent years. New architecture-themed festivals and film days are on the rise. The RIGA IFF also recognises the strong ties between cinema and architecture by introducing a new programme – ARCHITECT’S CUT. The five films of the programme will be screened in Ziedonis’ Hall of the National Library of Latvia from 21 to 26 October.

The guest curator of the programme is Ieva Zībārte – the head of the Exhibition Centre of the National Library, an architect and an author of books and articles on architecture, design and popular culture. She says, ‘Architecture can’t always be described and captured through photography, therefore cinema serves as a tool to bring out the drama of architecture and architect ever more often. And also, an architect as such is interesting both as a hero and anti-hero. Just like a conversation of architecture professionals, the film programme also touches on the issues of contemporary architecture as well as the legacy of the 20th modernism.’

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City’ by Matt Tyrnauer will open the ARCHITECT’S CUT on Sunday, 21 October at 7.00 p. m. It is a story of journalist and writer Jane Jacobs who wanted to preserve the good old New York City during 1960s and therefore confronted politically and financially influential city developers, serving as an inspiration for the upcoming generation of urban environment activists all over the world.

On Monday, 22 October, ‘Big Time’ – a film on the creative and private life of the prominent contemporary Danish architect Bjarke Ingels will be screened. His company was entrusted with designing and building one of the skyscrapers on the site of Twin Towers, destroyed during the 9/11 attacks in NYC. The film’s director and the architect’s friend, Kaspar Astrup Schrøder, hopes that this story will inspire and motivate people to think what kind of life every one of us wants to live.

On Tuesday, 23 October, there will be a double screening of ‘Bloki’ by Konrad Królikowski, an emotional story on the communist legacy – complexes of blocks of flats in Poland, and ‘The Disappearance of Robin Hood’ by Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou – a research on ideas and plans behind the underappreciated and now demolished Robin Hood Gardens – a social housing complex in London.

The ARCHITECT’S CUT will close on Friday, 26 October with ‘Life and Death of an Architect’ by Miguel Eek about the destiny of the renowned Spanish architect José Ferragut. He fought against the corruption and uncontrolled development of the Mediterranean coast and got enemies by politics and developers. His murder investigation was closed for lack of evidence.

The Riga International Film Festival will take place from October 18 – 31. Its screening venues will be cinemas ‘Splendid Palace’, ‘KSuns’ and ‘Kino Bize’, as well as the National Library of Latvia. The audience will be presented with more than 100 films in 12 programmes, diverse industry events, and a range of thought provoking public discussions.

The RIGA IFF is supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia, the European Commission’s programme ‘Creative Europe – MEDIA’, the National Film Centre of Latvia, and the Riga City Council.