The Witch Hunters


Director: Rasko Miljkovic
RS 201890 min. 0 sec.

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10-year-old Jovan has had cerebral palsy for as long as he can remember. His condition has shaped his everyday life and made him think of himself as invisible to others. In the world of his imagination, however, to which he escapes frequently, he is free to be who he wants and possesses the hero superpowers.    Jovan's (extra)ordinary existence is suddenly shaken up by a new classmate, Milica. Bit by bit, brave and determined Milica tears down the wall that Jovan has built around himself and eventually invites him to join her on a real-life adventure – to liberate her father from his new wife, Milica’s stepmother, whom she believes is a witch.

Meet the director Rasko Miljkovic for Q&A after screening
DOP: Miksa Andjelic
Original language: srSubtitles: enTranslation in headphones: lv