Legendary retrospective

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As a contribution to the global celebration of the centenary of world-renowned Swedish director Ingmar Bergman (1918 – 2007), the Riga IFF presents a retrospective programme devoted to his life and work.

The festival’s selection will not only allow to re-experience the artistic legacy of Bergman but to obtain a broader insight into the private life and career of the charismatic and demonic classic of the auteur cinema. The audience is welcome to attend the screening of a striking documentary and the pre-screening discussions with Stig Bjorkman, the Swedish filmmaker and author of the book “Bergman on Bergman”.

Bergman introduced a revolutionary approach to filmmaking and transformed the perception of cinema. His deeply personal films attest the director’s profound understanding of human psyche. Even though he was more attached to the theatre than to film, his masterpieces have become timeless classic of world cinema.


Summer with Monica
Ingmar Bergman
Fanny and Alexander
Ingmar Bergman
Cries and Whispers
Ingmar Bergman
Bergman Island
Marie Nyreröd

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