Baltic Tribes

Baltu Ciltis

Director: Lauris Ābele, Raitis Ābele
LV 2018100 min. 0 sec.

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13th century. Danish spy Lars enters the tribal lands of the Balts, where he takes part in religious rites and cruel forays, gets high during the summer solstice, becomes the slave of Cours and fights the crusaders. How much do we know about the blood running in our veins? Who really were our ancestors – the last pagans of Europe?  The docudrama “The Baltic Tribes” by Ābele brothers overthrows the myths of the Balts as just peaceful farmers, leading the spectator on a unique trip into the past. Historical reconstructions and live action scenes, computer animation and a voice-over narrative by experts in the field provide an insight into the lives of the ancient people of the Baltic region.
DOP: Mārcis Ābele
Original language: lvSubtitles: en