Martin And The Forest Secret

Dalies ar draugiem

Production company:
Genre: Adventure, Family Film
Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Estimated run time (min): 90
Director: Petr Oukropec
Producers: Peter Badač
Stage of the project: Development
Estimated date of the project: 07/02/2020
Looking for: Co-production, Distribution, Broadcasters, Funding
Target audience: 7 – 10


The adventurous story about an young geek boy, who has to overcome himself and stay two weeks in the summer camp without any technology. Here he will be challenged to help the forest creatures to save their forest of being destroyed by greedy developers.

About the director

Petr Oukropec is Czech director and producer. He produced his first feature film – Indian Summer by Saša Gedeon – in 1994. Film was released in wide distribution despite the fact that it was only a graduate film from the FAMU film school. In 1995 Petr, together with Pavel Strnad, established a production company called Negativ. In this company they produced more than 30 feature fiction, documentary and animated films. Since 2003 he has been lecturing at Department of Production at Prague’s FAMU. He continues to work with kids and non-actors in his private theatre called Zmrzlik. Based as a social project, in the years since its inception, it has gained a wide audience and recognition. In 2012 he made his first film as a director. “Blue Tiger” was screened at dozens film festivals and won several awards. “In Your Dreams!” his second film, was premiered at Berlinale in 2016.

About the production company

BFILM was founded in 2010 in Slovakia and in 2017 in Czech Republic by Peter Badač as a film production company working with art-house fiction, animations and TV series. BFILM focuses on remarkable artistic quality and innovative approaches, working with carefully selected directorial talent.
BFILM is one of the leading companies on the Slovak market with 3 award winning feature films and 7 short films already produced. Our films has received several awards and nominations, were in competition in Cannes, Annecy, Berlinale or Locarno, were screened in Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Warsaw, Cairo and many other festivals. Our vision is to bring local stories for the broad international audience while helping emerging talents to be discovered and grow.

Project representative

Peter Badač